Our commitment to sustainability

S’engager en faveur du développement durable

SEPPIC’s sustainability policy is based on four main principles:

Innovate for the future

We are committed to innovation. Our Research & Development division, which has a strong focus on both green and plant chemistry, comprises 15% of our staff.
We submit 10-15 patent requests every year and have a portfolio of over 140 patent families.
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Grow with our customers

As part of our sustainability drive, we have outlined 3 main objectives for growth and long-term success:

  • Position ourselves as an international corporation offering high performance, safe, innovative products made using green chemistry,
  • Widen our product offer to new market sectors with high added value,
  • Help our customers by making their jobs easier.

Through this process, we intend to form strong and lasting links with our customers.

Preserve life and the environment

Responsibility - personal care logo - SEPPIC

By favoring the use of plant-based raw ingredients and by innovating in the growing health and beauty markets, we contribute to the well being of men and women, young or old, as well as to sustainability.

We consider respect for the environment and the safeguarding of natural resources to be major priorities. Our long-lasting commitment to sustainability is strengthened through:

  • OHSAS certification 18001 and ISO 14001 management systems for workplace and environmental health and safety on major production sites.
  • A group-wide safety management system, based on Air Liquide Group's internal IMS (Industrial Management System). This system includes risk control for all processes throughout the company. We are a signatory of the Responsible Care charter, which is a voluntary commitment within the chemical industry aiming to improve health, safety, protection and the environment.
  • Strict adherence to regulations concerning products, employees and the environment.
  • The development of cosmetic ingredients that are compatible with formulations certifiable by ECOCERT or any other natural/organic label (COSMOS, NaTrue, BDIH, etc.) with the aim of reducing environmental impact.

Be socially responsible and a good corporate citizen

Our company bases its moral and social policies on:

  • Respect for people, with our ‘zero accident’ policy, promotion of diversity in all its forms and respect for others. A “Best Practice Guide” establishes rules to follow in these areas, as well as rules on information protection and business integrity.
  • The development of human resources, through a social policy designed to develop skills, promote diversity (gender, expertise, age, nationality, disability, etc.) develop team synergies, encourage high-quality social dialogue and the promotion of opportunities for young people.

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