Mineral salts and trace minerals

SEPPIC markets a wide range of pharmaceutical quality* (GMP) mineral salts

Mineral salts are necessary for the correct functioning of the human body. In particular, they are a source of cations, trace elements often present in very small quantities in the body, but which are essential to cell activity. They are involved in:

  • Tissue formation (organs, muscles, etc.)
  • Hormone synthesis
  • Protecting the body
  • Enzyme systems
  • Osmotic balance of body fluids

The body is not capable of synthesizing these minerals. The necessary intake is acquired naturally through the foods that we eat. If this does not happen (due to foods lacking in trace elements, deficiency or poor assimilation) medicinal intake is effective for avoiding some complications or illnesses.

SEPPIC markets organic mineral salts: the mineral is combined with an organic radical. Its bioavailability and therefore assimilation are thus improved compared to classic inorganic compounds.

Each of mineral salts** plays a specific role in the body. The usefulness of a trace element is linked to the nature of the cation:

* Mineral salts also have applications in nutrition, in dietary supplements, enriched foods or dietary products. SEPPIC markets food quality mineral salts.

** SEPPIC also supplies directly compressible encapsulated mineral oxides and salts

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