Hydroalcoholic gels and Hand sanitizer

SEPPIC markets a variety of foaming agents that can be used as excipients in the formulation of antiseptic liquid soaps and hydroalcoholic gels:  : 

  • The ORAMIX range of foaming non-ionic surfactants
  • The AMONYL range of foaming amphoteric surfactants
  • SEPINEO P600, a polymer for hydroalcoholic gels

Challenges of foaming surfactant

Foams are used for formulating topical drugs in order to:

  • Localize drug use
  • Ensure good API penetration or just on surface
  • Promote uniform distribution of API during spreading
  • Improve the texture and feel during product application

Foaming agents developed by SEPPIC are not very reactive, which makes it possible to maintain optimal antiseptic properties.

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