Human health

Thanks to a strong expertise in galenic, emulsion, biology and immunology, SEPPIC provides a large range of actives and excipients for the manufacture of drugs and vaccines. SEPPIC also offers a wide selection of innovative and natural ingredients for the Food and Nutraceutical markets.

Pharmaceutical excipients

SEPPIC designs and develops innovative active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients. They are manufactured with the same high standards as for pharmaceutical products and comply …

Human health vaccine adjuvants

SEPPIC is a worldwide specialist in therapeutic vaccine adjuvants. For over 20 years we have been producing oil-based adjuvants for use in cancer vaccines as well as those for infectious …

Nutrition and food

SEPPIC provides its customers with a human nutrition and food offer, based on a range of innovative natural ingredients (antioxidants, slimming products, etc.) with high added value…

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