At SEPPIC, our experts come from a range of different backgrounds and include immunologists, biologists, intellectual property specialists and other top practitioners. This ensures that our teams remain of an approachable scale while offering customers the benefits of a unique synergy of skills: Chemicals and procedures, Formulation and…






Formulation and Application

Drawing on its formulation knowledge, SEPPIC offers its customers solid expertise in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, vaccine, and industrial markets

Chemistry and Processes

SEPPIC’s Synthesis team develops expertise in chemicals and processes. We focus on creating & synthesizing new molecules, and studying their properties before they become available for industrial use.


The SEPPIC analysis teams continuously develop and improve advanced analysis methods to control product quality and conformity at all stages of production.

Biology and Immunology

At SEPPIC, the synergies we build between our cross-disciplinary areas of expertise represent one of our major strengths. Drawing on the excellence of our biology and immunology laboratories, and the cutting edge skills of our teams of biologists, we use the most demanding criteria when testing our products for both cosmetics and vaccine adjuvants.

Intellectual property

SEPPIC’s research and innovation strategy is supported by an active patenting policy (patents, brands, and expertise). By protecting our products, how they are used and guaranteeing our customers long-lasting innovations, we can ensure the sustainability of our innovation policy and establish ever more ambitious objectives.

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