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SEPPIC has developed many of the major innovations which have revolutionized the cosmetics and health sectors and contributed to its excellent reputation and success. Here is look at 20 years of innovation.

In the cosmetics sector

  • SEPIGEL 305
    When we began marketing SEPIGEL 305, gelifying polymers available on the cosmetic skincare market only existed in powder form. SEPIGEL is the first easy-to-use, thickening and emulsifying liquid polymer in an inverse emulsion marketed for the cosmetics industry. With this innovative texture, a basic mixture of water and oil yields a stable emulsion.

    A major revolution in the cosmetics field, SEPIGEL led the way for unique concepts and new textures, such as gel-creams. SEPIGEL ensures the stability of many emulsions and has become an essential product for many of our customers.
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Innovative polymers
Since the creation of SEPIGEL, we have expanded our range of innovative polymers, with SIMULGEL (on renewable oil), SEPIPLUS (concentrated) and SEPINOV (powder emulsifier). We have also submitted several patents in new polymerization technologies, for polymers that are resistant to electrolytes (precipitation polymerization) such as SEPIMAX and oil thickeners (micellar polymerization).

  • The MONTANOV 68 range™
    In the 90s, we created MONTANOV 68, the first green moisturizing emulsifier to be compatible with fruit acids – in fashion at the time - and very pleasant to the touch. The MONTANOV product line also enables the creation of formulas with a wide variety of textures (milk, cream, etc.) and consistencies (light, rich, neutral, evanescent, etc.).
    This product line anticipated the market’s environmental demands: MONTANOV uses plant-based raw ingredients that are transformed in a process that respects the environment, with no use of solvents and very little waste generated.
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  • New emulsion concepts
    We are at the cutting edge of innovation in textures, creating new concepts such as GELTRAP. This new concept enables the integration of a high concentration in the aqueous phase into the oily external phase with a cold process, which consumes less energy. GELTRAP allows our customers to be creative, clearing the path for new textures and a range of formulations, which are fresh and comfortable to the touch.
  • New active ingredients
    Building on progress in skin biology research, we are creating ever more innovative and effective active ingredients, such as SURVICODE, the first anti-aging active ingredient for epidermal cells, including stem cells. SURVICODE™, VOLUFORM and TIMECODE, belong to a range of anti aging molecules. These are adapted to the needs of aging skin, which addresses growing demand in developed countries with aging populations.

    We are also renewing our moisturizing skincare product offer with AQUAXYL, a restructuring moisturizer based on Green chemistry. We have also applied our knowledge of melanocyte cells to create SEPIWHITE MSH, the first depigmentation active ingredient to act upstream of the pigmentation process for higher performance, and SEPICALM VG, the first active ingredient to combine double depigmentation and soothing actions.

In the health sector

  • Pharmaceutical coating
    With our expertise in textures and formulations, we have created a full range of coating solutions. For over 35 years, we have developed and produced the SEPIFILM product line under GMP (good manufacturing process) conditions. This coating system is ready-to-use for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.
    Unlike competitors' formulas, our products come in the form of homogenous granules. This form offers many benefits, including no dust generated during production, fast hydration and easy dispersion with no lumps or foam. The 200-plus options listed in our catalogue make all combinations of function, protection and color possible.
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  • Adjuvants for veterinary vaccines
    As a renowned expert in the field of vaccine adjuvants since the 70s, we were the first to launch a range of ready-to-use adjuvants, MONTANIDE. This product line improves the effectiveness, safety and stability of vaccines for both livestock and domestic animals.
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  • Veterinary adjuvants using polymer technology
    In the animal health market, we are at the cutting edge of innovation with the development of a veterinary adjuvant that is ready for dispersion, using polymer technology as an immunity adjuvant.
    > Find out more about MONTANIDE GEL

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