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At SEPPIC we are recognized in the field of specialty chemistry, notably for the many innovations we have developed. Our innovation strategy is based on a unique combination of skills, ensuring that we continue to invent the products and technologies of tomorrow. Our guiding principles are respect for the environment, efficacy and simplicity.

Green chemistry - what could be more natural for SEPPIC?

All of our research fields at SEPPIC take environmental concerns into account. Since the 1970s, we have been committed to respecting the environment and the innovation policy at SEPPIC follows the principles of Green Chemistry.
At SEPPIC, we are committed to developing green products using natural raw materials such as vegetable oils and sugars whenever possible. "Green" innovation also includes the development of clean, solvent-free methods of synthesis.

Working for tomorrow's products

We are stepping up our innovation efforts in the fields of polymers, emulsifiers and active ingredients.

  • Polymers: after revolutionizing the market with SEPIGEL 305, a new thickening polymer and liquid emulsifier for the cosmetics industry, SEPPIC is now focusing its expertise on polymerization technology. It is doing so through inverse emulsion and is developing new polymerization technologies, such as precipitation polymerization, in order to reach higher levels of performance (resistance to electrolytes).
  • Emulsifiers: we are pushing ahead with green emulsion research by testing new raw materials of plant origin.
  • Active substances: we are applying the latest developments in cutaneous biology to develop higher performance active ingredients. Areas of research include pro pigmentation (tanning accelerator), drainage effects and natural protection.

Efficacy and simplicity

As a specialist in controlled release encapsulation—Delivery Systems—we are working on new forms of protection and release for active ingredients. At SEPPIC, our encapsulation solutions offer a dozen different procedures from protective film-coating to the formation of tiny polymer beads. We are constantly elevating our research techniques to find more precise and better targeted delivery systems, whether they involve capsules with solid or liquid membranes, film-coatings that are several microns- to several millimeters-thick and controlled release capsules.

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