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SEPPIC - partnerships

At SEPPIC, we actively pursue partnerships in order to advance innovation and ensure that our products fully address our customers’ requirements. We also have industrial partnerships, centered on innovation as well as commercial needs.

Partnerships to boost innovation and performance

Innovation drives our development in the fields of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and cosmetics, as well as industrial specialties.

We value our partnerships because they help foster innovation. Our partnerships are numerous and diverse, including:

  • Industrial partnerships: manufacturing specialty chemical molecules in line with customers’ requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Research partnerships: jointly developing new products and technologies for customers
  • Commercial partnerships: for example, providing SEPPIC’s global sales and marketing network with a product or product line. This type of partnership also includes sharing market knowledge and technical expertise.

Profitable and methodological partnerships

A partnership must be a win-win situation for both parties. To this end, the partnership projects we take on must first pass through the following three stages:

  1. An initial contact, on the basis of non-confidential information, allows us to assess the potential interest for SEPPIC of taking part in a potential partnership project.
  2. If interest is confirmed, then we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to exchange more information with our partner and set the objectives for the forthcoming project.
  3. If the project proves to be mutually beneficial following an in-depth analysis, then an agreement is signed in one of many forms, including a distribution agreement, supply contract and license agreement.

If you would like to submit a partnership project proposal, please use our online form.

SEP’INNOVE, SEPPIC’s partnership innovation program

We are involved in high-level external research programs through partnerships and commercial working agreements with various manufacturers and industrial bodies, both in France and worldwide.

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