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SEPPIC - Our organization

SEPPIC is present on four continents. Our operational entities are decentralized and supported by common corporate functions and an Executive Committee responsible for strategy.

The operational entities

Our main operational organizations are as follows:

  • 3 business units (BUs), in charge of the group’s operational excellence: Cosmetics, Health, and Industrial specialties.
  • Sales subsidiaries and a network of 80 distributors present in 5 geographical zones: North America, South America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia
  • 3 production sites located in Castres, Pontrieux (France) and Shanghai (China).
  • An R&D center in Castres, with around 100 researchers belonging to expertise teams designed to serve the BUs.
  • 4 Customer Technical Service Centers located in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.

These operational organizations are assisted by the functional management division, responsible for driving forward the group’s shared policies on marketing, regulatory matters, intellectual property, communication, finance, etc.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee decides and implements strategy:

  • It defines the group’s objectives
  • It validates all projects that involve a significant financial undertaking as well as those of vital strategic importance
  • It develops internal synergies to better attain operational objectives.

Our Executive Committee is composed of highly experienced men and women that have been brought together for the level and diversity of their professional experience, and their international business perspectives.

All Executive Committee members have occupied senior positions within international groups in both France and other countries, with most heralding from chemistry or state of the art industry backgrounds. Several Committee members are engineers and doctors with solid field experience.

Regardless of whether they entered the SEPPIC group early in their careers or joined after obtaining experience elsewhere, the Committee members have all occupied a number of roles within SEPPIC. This mobility relates to both levels of responsibility and geographical locations. Such cross disciplinary experience is a sign of the group’s vision, and benefits our corporate governance structure.

The Executive Committee comprises the following members:

  • Armelle Levieux – Chairman of the Management Board
  • Sophie Gueydier – Director, Human Resources
  • Caroline Drouart –Director, Strategy, Acquisitions and Communication
  • Loïc Doguet – Director, Operations
  • Vincent Ganne – Director, Sales and Marketing
  • Claire Turgis – Director, Administration and Finance

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