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Through its Product Regulatory Affairs department, SEPPIC draws on regulatory expertise to guarantee that it complies with all of the strictest safety standards.

Increasingly complex regulatory requirements

Regulations change continually, particularly in the fields of health and cosmetics. Requirements are becoming more and more demanding to safeguard consumers and their environment. Geographical expansion and diversification by sector are also increasing the number of regulations we are required to follow.

A team dedicated to regulatory monitoring

We have set up the Product Regulatory Affairs department to track these developments and ensure that regulations are respected in all group operations. The department’s mission is two-fold: 

  • To conduct continuous regulatory monitoring in order to understand regulatory requirements and how they evolve in each country,
  • To guide our businesses, ensuring that all relevant regulations are respected.

Multiple regulations

Our areas of business are subject to a range of regulations that may vary from one country to the next.

  • • The chemicals industry has a comprehensive set of regulations, such as REACH in Europe, which address the regulation, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemical substances.
  • • Our products’ applications are also subject to specific regulations. For example, a product designed for the cosmetics industry must respect the regulations specific to this sector, notably regarding innocuity. Similarly, a product designed for detergents must, among other regulations, comply with rules regarding its impact on the environment.

From internal to customer assistance

Our Product Regulatory Affairs department advises and assists the group’s employees throughout the product manufacturing process.

  • It helps researchers adhere to regulations in force in each country for all stages of their work, from the selection of raw materials to product characterization (such as physicochemical and innocuity tests).
  • It works in close cooperation with the marketing teams to ensure that a product’s claims comply with regulations.
  • It plays an important role in compiling product information files for submission to authorities and clients.

An experienced team

The Product Regulatory Affairs department comprises a team of around ten experts, including biologists, chemical engineers and research toxicologists, most of whom have experience in other functions within SEPPIC. The team also works with professional associations in the domain of regulatory monitoring.

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