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With more than 600 employees worldwide, SEPPIC draws on the talent and passion of its teams to ensure its development and guarantee long-lasting performance.

At SEPPIC, staff performance is the core of our growth strategy. For this reason, we focus our human resources policy on developing not only our employees' skills but also their potential. This better equips us to address future challenges.

And these challenges are many, ranging from constantly shifting markets and heightened competition to sustainable development and the need to innovate. Our keys to meeting these challenges are inventiveness and diversity. Alongside our clients, we rethink established methods and question conventions, helping to propel the scientific and industrial worlds into the future. Our openness—reflected in the diversity of our teams—and development of internal synergies keep us ahead of our competitors.

In this Careers section, you will be able to learn about our human resources policy, discover our values, read testimonials, learn about our professions, our recruitment process and what we are looking for in future staff members. Welcome to the world of SEPPIC!

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